My name is Shira, I’m 23 years old and recently had a beautiful healthy baby girl.

Before I found the Jerusalem Soul Center, I was confused about where I stood religiously and I

 didnt have much of a community either due to my ongoing sherut leumi national service.

I went on a Soul Center shabbaton and next thing I knew I was going to all the JSC events, making friends, becoming more comfortable with my Judaism, and I even met my husband on the 3rd shabbaton I went on. The JSC changes lives of the youth in Israel and what Rabbi Ezra does is exceptional, without him and his program most of us would not have the friends we have, married the people we met, or have the kids we have today.


Shira E.



The Jerusalem Soul Center has helped me in many ways. I’ve found my passion traveling Israel and experiencing the beauty of its inhabitants, the beauty of the Torah,  and the unique way life flourishes all around us here in the Holy Land. Rabbi Ezra organizes amazing trips for the community, and we truly are a Torah and Kedusha based group thriving together, composed of a delicate web of the sparks of light in every person who joins the trips and enhances the experience. In addition to the fun and chill vibes on the day trips and Shabbatonim, there is always an undertone of deep meaning, of returning to our homeland, putting down our roots, doing mitzvot, and spiritually supporting the lives of young new immigrants. May the Jerusalem Soul Center continue their amazing mission and I personally hope to be building my home here with my fiance as soon as possible. The JSC has helped me reach where I am today. 


Moriah G.

I grew up and still live in Jerusalem. I was raised in Israel by American parents who had made Aliyah. I am not the typical person who joins these great adventures with JSC, but I feel because of that, I have a different perspective on how this program changes lives! The Soul Center is known for their epic trips around Israel that share the beauty and uniqueness of our holy country, are always so well planned and organized, and never leave a place without a deep message or a new experience. These weekends that are usually so packed with activities and amazing experiences, manage to fill you up with energy for the week, if not the whole month. So many men and women who have joined these events have become close friends of mine and we can’t thank the JSC enough. All are so different yet so much alike, having left home to come to Israel, some with a plan and others with no idea what the future would hold. JSC makes them all feel at home, for we are all in this together, and in the best way possible! I truly believe in this cause, and with this opportunity, I would like to thank everyone that’s been a part of making this happen, especially Rabbi Ezra, who’s a leader, an inspiration, and a friend. Lchaim!!

Chaya L.


I am 25 years old, and am originally from Atlanta Georgia. I moved to Israel when I was just 18 and officially made aliyah when I was 21. I was always in a yeshiva or an organized program so I never had a hard time finding a good chill or friends to hang out with. However, once I drafted into the Air Force 2 years ago, I had a much harder time finding the right chevra to hang out and do activities with. I have my army friends but it’s not the same as being a part of a group where we fully understand each other. Enter Rabbi Ezra and the Jerusalem Soul Center. Rabbi Ezra has given me a place to meet new friends and even to hang out with old ones all in a kosher and uplifting environment. He somehow finds the wackiest off the beaten path places to visit around Israel that I otherwise never would have known about, let alone been privileged to visit. Rabbi Ezra and the Jerusalem Soul Center create a safe space for people of all backgrounds to meet and get to know one another, and has given so many of us a community that we can feel comfortable being ourselves in. Thank You!


Noam G.



Hi, this is Shira! I am currently in my second year of sherut leumi national service. Last year I did Magen David Adom, and this year I am doing Vehadarta (volunteering with the elderly). Jerusalem Soul Center events have been an amazing outlet to counter all the craziness of being an olah chadasha and doing Sherut Leumi on my own without any family in Israel. We go on fun trips, see the country, meet new people, and are constantly inspired. The Jerusalem Soul Center creates this amazing open environment by gathering people from all different walks of life, and when I am at a JSC event, I truly feel like I am part of a warm community that is so accepting, supporting, and always fun. 


Shira R.



I grew up in Montreal, Canada and came to Israel four years ago for a gap year at a modern orthodox Yeshiva in Jerusalem. Yeshiva did not work for me. I did not fit in and I struggled to find my place or any kind of community. Once the year ended, I found myself floating around Israel and had a flight back to Canada at the end of July. At the time I was confused, unsure of what to do, and very much alone. That was the case until I stumbled upon a JSC Shabbaton to the Hermon, a trip that singlehandedly changed my life. I met people that are still my closest friends 3.5 years later. I had never seen such a large group of people that were all focused on growth, being the best versions of themselves, and finding their truth. I found my place, I found my chevre, but most importantly I found myself. I never got onto that flight back to Canada and have been happily living in Israel ever since. I would not be living in Israel, I would not be spiritually connected, I would not have found the best friends in the world, and I would not be the person I am today if it wasn’t for Rabbi Ezra, his Torah, and the Jerusalem Soul Center.


David B.



Rabbi Ezra Amichai and the Jerusalem Soul Center have helped me integrate incredibly into the Israeli population since I first got here a little over two years ago. It has done an indescribable amount of good for my quality of life and has formulated a community of like minded individuals for myself as well as so many others. 


Ben S.



The Jerusalem Soul Center is the basis for the life I built here in israel. I got to Israel for a gap year program feeling uninspired and uninterested in Judaism or my roots. At one point, a sweet friend convinced me to go to a JSC Rosh Chodesh event in the Nachlaot neighborhood of Jerusalem. Since then I have joined many events, celebrated holidays, and made aliyah all with the support of the beautiful community that the Jerusalem Soul Center has created. I have now been in israel for 7 years, finished my Israeli degree,  and am building a shmittah observant farm (that I hope to host the JSC at one day) all with the inspiration born from the love and light that this group creates. Thank you Rabbi Ezra and Malka Chana for all the work that you do. Much love!


Rachelli R.

I write this from my heart. The Jerusalem Soul Center completely opened my social life, helping me to meet many awesome friends who filled me with so much love and affection and are genuinely my best soul friend. I come from a religious family, but my Shabbat experiences have been greatly enriched through my new community of friend, as well as through the awesome and warm vibes that Rabbi Ezra has taught me to infuse Shabbat with. I am totally blind yet all the participants have been super accommodating, considerate, compassionate, and love me for being who I am. Most of all, because of the awesome people that I was able to meet, I found a space of personal healing, and have been able to open up emotionally and develop into a much warmer and healthier person! Rabbi Ezra is genuinely good at facilitating and leading many diverse activities that have expanded my understanding of the richness of Israel, other religions, and even the wealth of art and culture that we are surrounded by here in Israel around here (not to mention the great wine!) Please support this organization in as richly a way as is realistic for you. I have been part of many organisations, but my life and the lives of so many others like me have been enriched by this organisation more than any other. I’m truly grateful and indebted to anyone who supports the JSC.

Eli B.



The Jerusalem Soul Center gives me a place to go for Rosh Chodesh Kotel davening, Shabbatonim, and Day Trips around Israel. I meet many different types of people from diverse backgrounds and we often go to inspiring places in Israel that hardly anyone knows even exist. They are great experiences, and I am extremely thankful!


Yaakov G.