Sukkot Events at the Jerusalem Soul Center

lulav-and-etrog1st night chag dinner, fri/mon kotel minyanim/brunches, sunday night annual party and more!!!

It’s an honor to invite you to partake in the Jerusalem Soul Center events that will be going on at various locations during the week of Sukkot.

 PLEASE READ CAREFULLY—there is a lot going on during the chag, and please RSVP where necessary by messaging me on Facebook (not just by marking attending!!) or even better by calling me directly at 054-596-9598— CHAG SAMEACH!!!

 WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 8TH (1st Night of Sukkot)

730PM: 18-26 YEAR OLDS — Chag DINNER in the awesome Sukka of Brewmaster Chuck Faingold 17 Teverya Street in Nachlaot (yes there will be beer on tap!!)—what a zchut to eat together in the sukka on the 1st night of Sukkot — It’s THE mitzvah — Please RSVP ASAP (preferably by phone) for details and what to bring. (Meal is limited to 30 people so first come first serve!!) – followed by dessert, lchaims and (i hope) nargila chill!!

 FRIDAY OCTOBER 10TH (2nd Day of Sukkot)

815AM: ALL AGES: The first of our two JSC Kotel MINYANIM next to the mechitza at the Kotel—these are without a doubt the highest of the year—don’t miss it!!! (Hallel and Hoshanot at about 915AM)

1115AM: Festive sponsored BRUNCH in the Holy Bagel Old City Sukka

 SUNDAY OCTOBER 12TH (4th Day of Sukkot)

The big Birkat Kohanim at the Kotel is this day so we will not be having a minyan but go check it out (at approx. 915 & 1015AM)—its an amazing sight and experience.

7PM: 18-26 YEAR OLDS — PARTY TIME!!! Our Annual Jerusalem Soul Center sponsored SUKKAH PARTY/Simchat Bet Hashoeva at the Yurt Eco-Sukka in Nachlaot in coordination with Paz Feigenbaum & F.I.G. Gardens — sukkot torah, music jam, wine, snacks (always feel free to bring more), and of course super chill happening chevra — come check it out and celebrate!!!

MONDAY OCTOBER 13TH (5th Day of Sukkot)

815AM: The second of our two JSC Kotel MINYANIM next to the mechitza at the Kotel—these are without a doubt the highest of the year– don’t miss it!!! (Hallel and Hoshanot at about 915AM)

1115AM: Festive sponsored brunch in the Holy Bagel Old City Sukka

12PM and onward: Check out the annual Carlebach Moshav Country Fair at Moshav Mevo Modiin — always the highest!!!

 WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 15TH & THURSDAY OCTOBER 16TH (Hoshana Rabba Day & Simchat Torah)

We will not be hosting a minyan on Hoshana Rabba morning, or meals on Simchat Torah, but be in touch with me for info about good places to go.

 PLEASE RSVP ASAP where necessary and looking forward to seeing you throughout the chag—there is truly nothing like it—Chag Sameach!!!!

Ezra & The Jerusalem Soul Center

Friday Night Dinner

Join us this week for a special Jerusalem Soul Center Friday Night Dinner (June 21)  in the Old City. In addition to please God sharing a joyous, spirited and torah-filled dinner, we will be focusing on the upcoming time of the 3 weeks and creating consciousness of what needs to be rebuilt within us and in our community in the buildup to Tisha Bav.

Once again, we will be hosting a large number of students and birthright participants so space is limited — RSVP ASAP by messaging me directly or calling 054-596-9598 for details and what to bring.

We will also be having a full shabbaton on July 12-13 (Intro to Tisha Bav) if you are not around or we are full this shabbat

Shabbat Shalom!!

Rosh Chodesh Adar Minyan

MONDAY MORNING 8AM: Our monthly Rosh Chodesh Minyan at the Kotel — Mishenichnas Adar Marbim Bsimcha!!! — by the mechitza, hallel around 915AM — best way to bring in Adar, but we need your help to make this special minyan what it is — RSVPS appreciated —

Rosh Chodesh Adar Shiur

SUNDAY NIGHT 745PM at the home of Jordana and Raphael Barkats 8 Eliash Street Entrance D 10th Floor in Nachlaot:

Our annual Rosh Chodesh Adar Shiur with Reb Moish Geller: “Reb Shlomo Carlebachs Insights, Inspirations, and Niggunim for Adar & Purim” What better way to start this month of joy then with Reb Moish Gellers Torahs & niggunim — our annual jump into Adar and Purim prep — not to be missed!!

For Google Map, click here.

Please bring Instruments and Lchaims if you want — snacks and some drinks will be provided

Channuka Events at JSC

PLEASE READ CAREFULLY & THOROUGHLY — there is a lot happening throughout the week b’h!!!

SUNDAY DECEMBER 9TH (1st Day of Channuka)


8AM: Jerusalem Soul Center MINYAN at the Kotel by the mechitza (hallel around 9am) — what an amazing and spiritual way to get the chag started — followed by a festive breakfast around 1015am at 10 Hamalakh Street in the Jewish Quarter — this is also LISA MECHANICKS BIRTHDAY so come celebrate with us!!!


MONDAY DECEMBER 10TH (2nd Day of Channuka)


9AM: Our annual WALKING TIYUL to the Maccabee Graves & Moshav Mevo Modiin — in Israel you can LIVE the chag mammash — this is an amazing way to do it — cost is simply bus fare and bring your own lunch — includes meditation,shiur of reb shlomos teachings, and optional hallel — RSVPS A MUST!!! (054-596-9598)


THURSDAY DECEMBER 13TH (6th Night of Channuka)


630PM: Our annual CHANNUKIA TOUR of the Old City — Meeting at Jaffa Gate — such a beautiful sight, and after many years we know all the best hidden sights and routes — ONLY 20 SHEKELS — RSVPS A MUST!!! —


FRIDAY DECEMBER 14TH (6th Day & 7th Night of Channuka)


8AM: Jerusalem Soul Center MINYAN at the Kotel by the mechitza (hallel around 9am) — AND its Rosh Chodesh too!!! — see you there!!


6PM: Friday Night Channuka DINNER at the Soul Center 20 Rabbi Akiva Street — a gathering of lights!!! RSVP by messaging me here, or 054-596-9598 (marking attending is not enough)


SATURDAY DECEMBER 15TH (7th Day & 8th Night of Channuka)


115PM: Festive Shabbat LUNCH at the Soul Center 20 Rabbi Akiva Street — RSVP by messaging me here, or 054-596-9598 (marking attending is not enough)


415PM: THIRD MEAL/Seuda Shlishit at the Soul Center– Come one Come all!!! — followed by a musical havdala b’h


8-11PM: MELAVA MALKA/SHIUR/PARTY at the Soul Center– our annual celebration — the 8th night is messianic and beyond, what better night to celebrate!! please bring instruments, alcohol, snacks, and lots of joyous light!!


SUNDAY DECEMBER 16TH (8th Day of Channuka)


1230PM: Annual Jerusalem Soul Center end of channuka photo roam and BEACH SUNSET in TEL AVIV — sherut from kikar tzion or meet us in Tel Aviv– watch the last rays of channuka dip into the ocean after an afternoon exploring historical Tel Aviv — includes shiur, optional beach meditation time, and wine — best way to say goodbye to such a special holiday–


Spread the word and the love and be in touch — look forward to seeing you — channuka sameach!!!!!!!!!!!!

2 Exciting JSC Thursday Rosh Chodesh Kislev Events 8am & 8pm

Jerusalem Soul Center Kislev Rosh HodeshThursday Morning Kotel Minyan AND Thursday Night Learning/Music Jam with Reb Moish Geller!!!

Thursday 8am: Our monthly minyan at the KOTEL by the mechitza — hallel around 9am, festive brunch chill at 10 hamalakh street around 11am — its always special, but kislev is the beginning of the channuka season and there is nothing quite like it– so much light b’h!!!

Thursday 8pm: (motzei rosh chodesh) Join us again as Reb Moish Geller will be sharing Reb Shlomo Carlebach’s highest Torahs on Kislev & Channuka at the Soul center 20 rabbi akiva downtown– bring instruments as well to jam with — one of our favorite events of the year, and another awesome way to get your month of kislev focused and flying — chodesh tov!!!

Be in touch with any questions 054-596-9598 — gevalt!!!For shabbat toldot rsvps visit

Jerusalem Soul Center Shabbat Toldot Friday Night Dinner & Third Meal

Jeruslaem Soul Center Shabbat TableSpecial Friday Night Dinner & Third Meal this Shabbat at the Jerusalem Soul Center, 20 Rabbi Akiva Street downtown — please join us for our unique mix of torah, niggunim,joy, and unity —

FRIDAY NIGHT 630pm — RSVPS A MUST by messaging me directly here or at OR calling 054-596-9598 and leaving a phone message (marking attending is not enough) for details and what to bring

THIRD MEAL 430PM — come one come all — followed by a musical havdala bh — mitva gedola lehiyot bsimcha tamid — spread the word and the love and be in touch!!

for our Thursday Rosh Chodesh Events: Kotel Minyan & Gathering/Learning/Music Jam with Moish Geller, please visit

Megilat Eicha Reading/Tisha B’Av in the Old City

 Join us for one of our more meaningful events of the year — the traditional Megilat Eicha Reading on Tisha Bav night on the rooftop of the former Jerusalem Soul Center in the Old City. –

Reading is at 930pm (enough time to make your way to the Old City after Shabbat ends) — PLEASE TRY TO BRING A COPY OF EICHA AND A FLASHLIGHT —
This is a chance to have a truly meaningful Eicha reading in the middle of the Old City, but removed from the chaotic and unfocused scene in the streets below — our reading is filled with divrei torah, songs, reflections, and as always is dedicated to our friend Michael Levin who was killed in the Second Lebanon War and buried on Tisha Bav — NOT TO BE MISSED!!

Shabbat Dinner Parshat Devarim

Join us for our son Kodesh Simcha’s 1st Jerusalem Soul Center Shabbat Dinner!! (20 rabbi akiva street downtown) We will of course put special emphasis on the themes of Tisha Bav and the 9 days — turning past heaviness into practical steps towards a joyous Jewish future b’h —
We havent had a meal in a while, so were super excited to host you. Spaces are limited so RSVP ASAP for directions, details and what to bring — spread the word and the love!!!

Jerusalem Soul Center Annual Yom Yerushalayim BBQ

Join us for our annual Jerusalem Soul Center Yom Yerushalayim BBQ — its at the root of our name and our activities, so what better day to celebrate!

Great Food, Drinks, Jam Music, Nargila, Yerushalayim Torahs — and all outside on our beautiful back porch facing Gan Haatzmaut —

Pleas bring instruments, alcohol, and torah 🙂 — from 2pm on — spread the word — if you can help out or for further questions, please contact Ezra at 054-596-9598

For more info about Friday night dinner, third meal, and festive maariv service this shabbat, please visit

Yom Yerushalayim Sameach!!!