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Jerusalem Soul Center Arava Valley South Shabbaton

18-26 Year Olds

October 22-23, 2021




Friday – October 22nd         


05:30              Bus Leaving from outside Nocturno on Betzalel Street, Jerusalem

06:15              Optional Sunrise Netz Shacharit at the Hilula of Reb Shlomo Carlebach on Har Hamenuchot in Jerusalem

10:30              Visit to the Porat Farm Apiary & Bee Museum in Ein Yahav


12:30              Lunch Stop and Exploring at the Eclectic Tzukim Artists Colony


14:00              Tour & Tastings at the Arava brewery in Tzukim


16:00              Arrival & Pool Chill at the Gamaliya Camel Khan in Sapir

17:45              Mincha, PreShabbat Le’Chaims & Candlelighting

18:30              Kabbalat Shabbat Services at the Khan

20:00              Dinner

                         Oneg Shabbat & Stargazing


Shabbat – October 23rd         


09:00              Morning Prayers with Chabad in Sapir

12:00              Kiddush

13:00              Lunch

15:30              Walking Tour of Gan Sapir and the Area

17:00              Mincha

17:45              3rd Meal & Group Sessions

19:00             Maariv & Havdala Bonfire Jam

21:30              Bus leaves back to Jerusalem


If you have any questions:

Ezra Amichai 054-596-9598


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