Jerusalem Soul Center Shabbat Toldot Friday Night Dinner & Third Meal

Jeruslaem Soul Center Shabbat TableSpecial Friday Night Dinner & Third Meal this Shabbat at the Jerusalem Soul Center, 20 Rabbi Akiva Street downtown — please join us for our unique mix of torah, niggunim,joy, and unity —

FRIDAY NIGHT 630pm — RSVPS A MUST by messaging me directly here or at OR calling 054-596-9598 and leaving a phone message (marking attending is not enough) for details and what to bring

THIRD MEAL 430PM — come one come all — followed by a musical havdala bh — mitva gedola lehiyot bsimcha tamid — spread the word and the love and be in touch!!

for our Thursday Rosh Chodesh Events: Kotel Minyan & Gathering/Learning/Music Jam with Moish Geller, please visit

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