Megilat Eicha Reading/Tisha B’Av in the Old City

¬†Join us for one of our more meaningful events of the year — the traditional Megilat Eicha Reading on Tisha Bav night on the rooftop of the former Jerusalem Soul Center in the Old City. –¬†

Reading is at 930pm (enough time to make your way to the Old City after Shabbat ends) — PLEASE TRY TO BRING A COPY OF EICHA AND A FLASHLIGHT —
This is a chance to have a truly meaningful Eicha reading in the middle of the Old City, but removed from the chaotic and unfocused scene in the streets below — our reading is filled with divrei torah, songs, reflections, and as always is dedicated to our friend Michael Levin who was killed in the Second Lebanon War and buried on Tisha Bav — NOT TO BE MISSED!!

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