Welcome to the Jerusalem Soul Center!

The Jerusalem Soul Center is an accredited non-profit organization dedicated to creating community here in Jerusalem. Located in a historic and beautiful building in downtown Jerusalem, the Center is based on Zionist ideals and strives to enable spiritually enhanced religious growth. Our events include the regular hosting of Shabbat and Festival meals, musical gatherings, lectures, growth workshops, photography tours, Shabbatonim and day trips, ethnic food nights and much more.

Havdala with the Jerusalem Soul Center

Under the leadership of Rabbi Ezra Amichai, the participants in Jerusalem Soul Center activities are a varied group comprised of new immigrants, students, native Israelis, and people of various religious and social backgrounds. What they share is a desire to get to know Israel and Judaism better, and to feel more in control of their experience. The flow of hundreds of people through the Jerusalem Soul Center creates an untold number of networking opportunities for our participants, encouraged in an environment of spirituality and mutual respect.


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